General FAQs

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What does Thunder do?

Thunder is a tech-enabled investment bank that uses AI to identify relevant deals within the Thunder network and makes warm intros via email on behalf of accredited investors,  family offices, and VCs to founders & GPs that are actively raising or investing venture capital.

Who is Thunder for?

Venture backable startups or venture funds raising capital from accredited investors, VC funds, LPs, funds of funds, & family offices. While we are US focused, companies from all geographies are welcome to join. 

Why Should I use Thunder?

Thunder saves you time, money, and headache.

“Raising capital is a full-time job” is a phrase we've all heard before. Doesn’t matter if you’re the next Airbnb or just getting off the ground, raising capital is a grind. Thunder’s technology and a team of experts minimize the guesswork in the fundraising process by narrowing down who is actually capable and willing to invest capital into your offering at the time you’re raising. Our AI considers 85 points of data to determine these insights and allows you to focus your efforts on a hyper-targeted list of investors. You can access that list and contact investors through Thunder if you upgrade to premium or are selected by our team as a white-glove client.

Is my information confidential?

  • Yes. You control what information is viewable by who. There are no public profiles, users must have a login in order to view profiles and only your basic profile overview data is accessible by our investor network until both parties opt-in for a match. 
  • For investors, your profile is only visible to companies that you opt-in to connect with. Founders/GPs raising capital do not have access to investor/VC contact information unless they approve the connection in advance.
  • For founders, you can publish your profile and the information is available to our verified investor network for them to request a match. However, company data rooms, traction, and other proprietary information are only visible to investors you choose to share it with, helping protect your data.

Will I be able to contact investors directly through Thunder?

If you're raising money, you must first submit your profile for review and sign an engagement letter prior to being able to see who your matches are. 

From there, a Thunder team member will review the recommended matches with you and will reach out to the investors personally confirming their interest in your firm. 

Once an investor agrees to match with a company/firm, then contact information will be shared and you'll be able to communicate with them.

We take our network of investors and founders very seriously and work hard on protecting all relationships to save everyone time and hassle.

Who is on Thunder?

Investors, funds of funds, family offices, LPs, Founders, and Venture Capital firms. They all opt-in to join Thunder for the opportunity to match with the right opportunities. Each of them provides their company/firm/investment information in exchange for quality matches. The information on Thunder is entered by real people and not scraped off other databases, then that information is verified for accuracy by the Thunder team. This means that when you match there is a real person on the other side who is familiar with Thunder and has opted in to take a meeting with you. 


What does Thunder do with my data?

Data collecting on Thunder is used to identify relevant connections to help facilitate a deal from start to close. As of now, that is the sole purpose of the data we collect. Data is not sold or shared with any 3rd parties.

If I match, does that mean I will get an investment?

No. Thunder does not guarantee you’ll get an investment, but it does mean you’ll be matched with investors that are more likely to invest in you. Just keep in mind all investors are different and they are sourcing countless deals and only make a few investments.

Thunder helps make sure to put your best foot forward and present your company or fund in the best light to each investor to improve your chances to get an investment.

How much does Thunder cost?

Thunder has a few business models. It's free to join the Thunder network, but to see your recommended list of investors, you'll need to upgrade to Premium Access.

For companies or funds selected to join the white glove service, Thunder can also make money on successfully closed deals that were initiated on the Thunder platform. A success fee of 1.5% - 5% of the total capital raised through the Thunder network is charged to the organization raising capital, only after the money raised is in your bank account. Fees will depend on the total amount raised and if it’s for a company or a fund. This is all confirmed in advance before any agreement is signed. To learn more about our white glove service, you can visit this link here.

Is Thunder a licensed broker-dealer?

Thunder Labs, LLC is a partner of INTE Securities, LLC, a FINRA registered broker-dealer with CRD# 47107. You can look it up at

Founder FAQs

These questions are specific to founders seeking to raise capital through the Thunder network. Have a question that you don't see answered? Don't hesitate to reach out to

How do I get started with Thunder?

  • Create a profile - If you’re a venture-backable company you’re allowed to create a free account and profile. All profiles are manually reviewed and approved by a Thunder analyst to verify suitability for use and benefit from the platform.
  • Submit Profile for Review - You control when you submit your profile to be reviewed by the team, make sure your profile is complete and you have a pitch deck uploaded.
  • Get Approved - An analyst will review your profile. If approved, you’ll be asked to schedule an intake call. If you’re not approved, you will receive instructions on what to do next.
  • Engagement Letter - If approved for Thunder’s white-glove service you will have an intake call and have the option to move forward with Thunder’s services and sign an engagement letter.  
  • Due Diligence - Thunder’s team will help you prepare your data room and fundraising materials.
  • Match Results - You’ll be presented with your matched VCs to provide any context of existing relationships or engagements. These results will be generated by Thunder’s AI and presented within your dashboard on the platform
  • Warm Intros - Thunder will begin making warm intros to the matched VCs.
  • Track Performance - You’ll work closely with Thunder on a weekly basis to track your fundraising progress and keep investors up-to-date.
  • Term Sheet - Thunder will help you manage/negotiate your terms directly with you, we do NOT intervene in your relationships with VCs unless asked to.

Is my company a good fit for Thunder?

Every company that is seeking venture capital is welcome to create a free profile and will receive a response from the Thunder team on next steps. Thunder’s algorithm will indicate how many investors are a good fit for your company. Based on your results, Thunder will reach out to you to support your fundraise. Not all companies qualify to leverage Thunder and for those that don’t qualify, you’re encouraged to update your profile with your progress/traction to see if your matches improve over time.

We’re currently prioritizing companies raising $1M - $20M

What services does Thunder provide founders?

Thunder focuses on making warm intros on behalf of approved startups and supporting their fundraising efforts. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Coaching on your pitch materials 
  • Advice on how to approach each VC you’re connected to through Thunder
  • Feedback on how to price your round and negotiate your terms
  • Recommendation to vendors and other service providers to help solve any key challenges in your fundraising
  • More services are coming soon...


How does a startup raise money on Thunder?

Thunder uses AI to determine if you’ll be successful in raising capital through Thunder. Once your profile is submitted for review, Thunder will contact you letting you know if you’re a good fit.

If you're approved and sign the engagement letter, Thunder gets to work quickly and will have your recommended matches and intros made within 1-2 weeks of signing the engagement letter. 

What type of investors are on Thunder?

Thunder has over 300+ VCs on the platform and 200+ individual angel investors. However, Thunder is mainly focused on introducing companies to relevant VCs at this time.

New VCs are joining every week and your match results will be updated in case a new VC joins that is a good fit for your company. 

How much does it cost?

There are no upfront fees. Thunder only makes money on successfully closed deals. A success fee of 1.5% - 5% of the total capital raised through the Thunder network is charged to your company after your round is closed. Fees will depend on the total amount raised and if it’s for a company or a fund. This is all confirmed in writing in advance before any agreement is signed.

If we have an update about our company or fundraising how do we communicate it?

Startups are constantly changing and updates need to be made fluidly and conveniently. All approved companies will be added to a private slack group to communicate in real-time with the Thunder team. For those that prefer email, then you can expect weekly check-in emails from our team to make sure we’re leveraging the latest information to connect you to investors.

You can also update your profile in real-time to see if your changes impact your matches.

Why do I see anonymized matches?

For companies signing up, we don’t disclose who your matches are until you’ve signed an engagement letter with us. We take our relationships with our VC partners very seriously and want to protect their inboxes. They only want intros from companies that have been vetted by Thunder. Please complete your profile to the best of your ability, upload your latest pitch deck, and submit your profile for review.

What do I need to complete on my profile in order to submit it for review?

We ask that all founders provide as much information as possible to improve the quality of the matches you receive. Here are the core details we need:

  • Overview Tab:
    • Your latest pitch deck
    • A company overview of what your company does
    • Complete all the questions in the “At A Glance” section
  • Team Tab:
    • Add your co-founders or C-suite team members to your team page. You only need to add people that you’d bring to a VC meeting at some point. We don’t need your whole team and we don’t need your advisors.
  • Funding Tab:
    • If you’ve raised any previous financing from institutional, angels, friends & family, please add all your previous funding rounds and the amount you’ve raised.
    • Add your current fundraise information that you’re actively trying to raise through Thunder.
  • Traction Tab:
    • This is our newest tab that we are working towards standardizing this data. Please start with the basics like:
      • Cash-on-hand
      • Monthly burn rate
      • Trailing Twelve Months Revenue
    • You can add whatever else makes you look good. We use this data for our algorithm and it is not shared with anyone unless you go into due diligence with a VC.
  • Data Room:
    • You just need to add your pitch materials like your pitch deck, product demo video, or a pitch video. If your company is selected for our white-glove service, we will help you complete the rest.

Once you’re done with these steps, you’ll be able to submit your profile.

I’ve submitted my profile, now what?

Every company will be reviewed by our AI and our team of experts to determine if your company profile is complete and if you’ll have success raising on Thunder. You’ll be contacted by a team member within 2-3 business days on what your next steps are. Please keep in mind not all companies get approved and are offered the chance to use Thunder right away.

My matches appeared to have changed, what happened?

We're constantly getting new users and adjusting our algorithm to identify the best and most relevant matches. This means that whom you match with may change at any point and the number of profiles you match may also change.

We understand this may cause some confusion, but we're confident that the changes we make are to ultimately improve our ability to deliver on our value proposition.

Do I need to upload my data room?

Not until you agree to terms with Thunder which involves a brief intake call with our team. We have the Data Room tab simply to add your pitch deck and pitch material so you can submit your profile for review after signing up. 

We will instruct you on the next steps when we start the due diligence process after you agree to terms.

What Thunder is not?

Thunder is NOT a matching platform and directory website that lists investors’ information for users. We provide warm intros via email and relevant connections for venture-backable companies actively raising capital. Each month, we will work directly with multiple companies providing our tech-enabled white-glove fundraising service, introducing you to your recommended matches on Thunder. If you’re a venture backable company, please submit your profile for review if you’re interested in the service.

What does “Approved” status mean?

If your company is approved on Thunder, your profile is now visible to our investor network on Thunder. VCs & angel investors that are interested in your company can reach out to you directly on Thunder and match with you. We do not allow companies to reach out to our VC network directly to protect our VCs from being overloaded by founders pitching them. Please update your funding and traction tab as your company progresses and submit it for review again. Once a month, we will review any profiles that stood out to be reconsidered for our white-glove service.