The Warm Intro You Need to Raise Your Round

Thunder is a fundraising matching platform to match founders & GPs with relevant investors & LPs. Add your company or firm to get started


Access Relevant Deal Flow for Better Investments

Thunder will match you with companies or funds that meet your investment criteria to improve the quality of your deal flow

Why Match on Thunder

We’re making it easier for you to meet the right people to raise smarter money

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Dual Opt-in

Thunder’s dual opt-in matching platform means that when you match with an investor, you’ve met their screening criteria and they’ve met your criteria.


Verified Investors

Investors are verified as accredited before they can match with founders ensuring that if you do match, they are capable and have a history of writing checks.

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Relevant Data

Companies and investors are incentivized to keep their information up-to-date specific to their fundraise or investment criteria in order to increase match quality.


Warm Intros

Once both parties agree to be matched, both will receive an email introduction from Thunder allowing you to kick off the conversation directly. 

Create Your Account and Get Matched with Potential Investors

How it Works

We keep it simple and focus on making the right matches


Complete Your Profile

The more information you provide, the higher quality of matches you’ll get


Get Matched

Browse through our directory of real investors and companies to see who you match with and request to Match


Start a Conversation

Upon accepting a match, you’ll be introduced to each other via a warm email from Thunder


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Thunder cost?

We’re in beta and focused on being the best matching platform serving the startup ecosystem. For now, the platform is 100% free to use with no strings attached. We're considering different business models for down the road, all feedback & opinions are welcome, if you wish to share them email us at

Why Should I use Thunder?

Thunder saves you time, money, and headache.

Fundraising is hard and takes a ton of time. You’ll scour the web looking for intros and connections only to hear “you’re not a good fit” or “the timing isn’t right.” With Thunder, we vet both parties based on the information you provide and increase your chances of landing a relevant connection through our matching algorithm. With Thunder, you’ll send a few match requests and get a few responses, unlike traditional fundraising where you’ll send 100's of emails and get 1-5 responses.

Is my information confidential?

Investors and founders have an “Overview” section of their profile that is public to all users. Companies & firms raising capital have a private data room where they can share more relevant data and information that is only accessible to people you’ve matched with. You can control who has access to this data at any time. Your personal contact information is kept private until you match with someone, when that happens we send a warm intro email with both parties CC’d.

Who is Thunder for?

Thunder was built to service founders raising money for their company and General Partners seeking to raise money from LPs for their latest VC fund. Thunder makes it easier for qualified investors and LPs to access relevant deal flow for both companies and funds to invest in. 

Thunder is currently NOT for non-venture-related companies or funds at this time. 

Who is on Thunder?

Investors, LPs, Founders, and Venture Capital firms. They all opt-in to join Thunder for the opportunity to match with the right people and provide their company/firm/investment information in exchange to have quality matches. The information on Thunder is entered by real people and not scraped off other databases. This means that when you match there is a real person on the other side who is familiar with Thunder and has opted in to receive match requests. This acts just like a valid warm intro.

What does Thunder do with my data?

Thunder uses the data you supply to match you with relevant people. As of right now, Thunder serves no other purpose and has no other plans for the data. All data is securely stored in the cloud and is not shared or sold to any 3rd parties.

If I match, does that mean I will get an investment?

No. Thunder does not guarantee you’ll get an investment, but it does mean you’ll be matched with investors that are more likely to invest in you. Just keep in mind all investors are different and they are sourcing countless deals and only make a few investments. Make sure to put your best foot forward and present your company or fund well to each investor on Thunder to improve your chances to get an investment.