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Thunder is a fundraising matching platform to match founders & GPs with relevant investors & LPs. Add your company or firm to get started


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Thunder will match you with companies or funds that meet your investment criteria to improve the quality of your deal flow

Why Use Thunder

We’re making it easier for you to meet the right people to raise smart money faster

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Dual Opt-in

Thunder’s dual opt-in matching platform means that when you match with an investor, you’ve met their screening criteria and they’ve met your criteria.


Verified Investors

Investors are verified as accredited before they can match with founders ensuring that if you do match, they are capable and have a history of writing checks.

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Relevant Data

Companies and investors are incentivized to keep their information up-to-date specific to their fundraise or investment criteria in order to increase match quality.


Warm Intros

Once both parties agree to be matched, both will receive an email introduction from Thunder allowing you to kick off the conversation directly. 

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How it Works

We keep it simple and focus on making the right matches


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The more information you provide, the higher quality of matches you’ll get


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Browse through our directory of real investors and companies to see who you match with and request to Match


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Upon accepting a match, you’ll be introduced to each other via a warm email from Thunder